Get your Virginia real estate course with our online course.  We are a Virginia based school with 5 star google ratings.  Our course is self-paced.  It includes lots of practice exam questions and answers.  This is an easy to follow DPOR approved online course.  The instructor is Virginia broker who is always available and provides the 5 help so you pass the PSI license exam.  

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How do you get a Virginia real estate license?

You can get a Virginia license by taking an approved  Virginia Real Estate License Course.  After you complete course

Our online course and course exam cost is $189 total (reduced from $389 for a limited time).   You can complete the course at your own pace.  Log in and out anytime.  This course prepares you for the national and state portions of the official state exam by PSI.  The course has reading sections, short quiz questions, videos, unit summary and unit exams.  The instructor walks you through a demo of the course in this video.

How long does it take to complete the course?  You could complete the course within a week or two, but most students have work or family obligations and take a couple months.  You have 6 months to complete the online course.  You need to complete the 31 units and spend the state-required minimum 50 hours on the course (which equals the 60 hour classroom requirement).  Our instructor is available 7 days a week and provides a review after the course exam.   Contact us or see our complete FAQ page if you have more questions.

Our online pre-license course is approved by DPOR to get your salesperson license.  If you have an out-of-state license, you may be able to get a license by reciprocity.  A salesperson must work under the supervision of a broker.  A broker can work independently but you would need at least 3 years experience plus a different course and exam to upgrade to a broker or have an active out of state broker license. 

Videos that explain the real estate course

View a video overview of the course below by instructor and real estate Broker Paul Hartke.
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.  This is Paul’s new 3 minute video so you can see how the course works.  No other school shows you the actual course.  Paul shows you the online course using screen recording and narration.

* DPOR-approved online pre-license courseDPOR approved School License #0211000407.  Course approval # 0214020980.
* Log in and out anytime.  Complete 31 units covering national and state real estate.  Virginia requires 50 hours online minimum.  You get a full six months to complete the course.  Our instructor is available during your entire course. 
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TEN (10) reasons to choose to get your VA license

1.  We are a Virginia school, not an out-of-state company.  We specialize in Virginia.
2.  Our licensed instructor is an active Virginia broker, a Virginia lawyer and the school owner.  Compare that to out of state schools with a hired instructor.
3.  Our instructor is available for questions 7 days a week by email, text or phone   Other schools may have an instructor to contact by email only or weekdays only.
4.  With our course, you can always view the correct quiz and unit exam answers  during the course.   You won’t have to go back and search the course to guess the correct answer.
6.  Our online software course is powered by REcampus,  designed by Dearborn Real Estate Education, the company most recommended by PSI, which provides the official PSI license exam.
7. Act Web has 5 star google reviews.  Other schools might show reviews on their own site they choose to show, and they may not be only from their Virginia course.  Our reviews are unfiltered google reviews about our Virginia course.

Even more? YES!  See our special exclusive “bonus” advantages !
8.  Bonus 1 – Our course includes Free course exam review to help you prepare for the official state “PSI” exam.  Instructor provides a personalized review based on your answers.  Compare to other schools that have a pass or fail on-your-own approach and no feedback on your exam.
9.   Bonus 2 – You get our Instructor’s Exam Prep Key Points package with a 1-2 page pdf easy-to-read summary of each subject that you will have on the national and Virginia portions of the license exam by PSI.  Our instructor created these popular notes based on his knowledge of Virginia real estate law as a licensed VA instructor, broker and attorney.
10.  Bonus 3PRICE!  Reduced to $189 limited time special.  You don’t have to pay for the national chain schools with high-priced courses and s
o-called upgrades. We include all you really need at our current special discounted rate of $189 which includes your online course, Exam Prep Key Pointscourse exam and retakes if needed. Other schools have a large national staff (overhead) that you pay for. We don’t. Our staff is local and in Virginia, no matter where you are.

Get your Virginia license.
Our Virginia instructor is always on call!

What if I have questions?  See our FAQ or contact us online.  If you want to discuss your situation, call us at 703-476-1747.  Our instructor Paul Hartke, a Virginia broker, is available to answer questions entered on our contact page and can also speak with you directly at any time during the course.  You can reach him at his real estate office in Northern Virginia at 703-860-4600 ext 411.

Does the course work with tablet and phone as well as desktop and laptop computers?  Yes.  See system requirements if any question.

What is a difference between a Virginia broker license and an agent or salesperson license?  A person who does not have to work under another broker in Virginia needs a broker license.  A broker license basically requires 3 years experience and and a broker exam.  One must first be licensed as an agent in Virginia which is called a salesperson license.   See broker license information here.

Can I get a license by reciprocity if I am licensed in another state?   Yes, most likely.  If you have an active license in another state that has the minimum 60 hour pre-license course like Virginia, you can usually apply for a license by reciprocity by taking only the Virginia portion of the PSI exam.  See our reciprocity page for details.  We also have a broker reciprocity page.

How do I log in to the course?  You will receive a link after you sign up.  You can also go to the RECampus login page here.