Virginia Post License Online – Real Estate

All real estate agents (salespersons) in Virginia must complete 30 hours of Virginia post-license courses within the first year of getting your license. The first-year deadline goes to the end of the month of that first year. The one-time requirement of post-license 30 hours includes nine specific courses as required by the Virginia Real Estate Board.  

You will not need any Continuing Education during your second year.  You will then renew your license by payment of the $65 renewal fee at the end of this second year. This can be paid online on the DPOR website.

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Our online Post-License courses are approved by DPOR and the Virginia Real Estate Board. You have a full 6 months of access from the date you sign up.

If you have questions about your requirements or about the courses, please contact Act Web Real Estate School or you may contact the VA Real Estate Board at 804-367-8526.

If you do NOT have a real estate license, please go to our license page to sign up for the online 60-hour pre-license course.  These post-license courses are only for licensed Virginia licensed agents.