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VIRGINIA PSI Exam Prep Books

These exam prep books have reading material with table of contents, index and lots of practice exams,.

* Virginia Practice and Law Book

Virginia Real Estate Practice and Law bookThe most recent edition -This is a great reference book for use while taking the Virginia license course or for study for the PSI license exam..  It is specific to Virginia rather than national.  It has a table of contents, full index and over 200 multiple choice questions and answers.  You can look things up quickly and easily.  It covers Virginia real estate law (which also includes all the Virginia specific subjects that will be on the Virginia portion of the PSI exam. 
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Virginia exam prep bookVirginia Real Estate Exam Prep book No text, but lots of practice exam questions and answers – Over 200 state specific questions and answers.. It is the latest version of this Dearborn published book. About $24
It has 210 multiple choice questions with answers in the back of the book that explain the reasoning for the answer. These questions are Virginia state specific and designed to be similar to the Virginia state portion of the PSI exam.  View or buy Book


* Modern Real Estate Practice (National, not Virginia state specific)
This is the classic book that has trained more than 3 million people since 1959. It is well organized with table of contents, chapters for all major topics, appendix, glossary, math FAQ and index. Highly recommended if you want to get the industry standard. You can look up any topic desired. 
21 Chapters w/ Exams.  2 Full 80 question practice exams.  Math FAQ section, math charts and 50 question math exam. Table of Contents, Index. Glossary.
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* Guide to Passing the PSI Exam (National, not Virginia state specific)

National portion of Virginia PSI exam:
Guide To Passing The PSI Real Estate Exam, 8th Edition – This is the most comprehensive book available to help you prepare for the national portion of the PSI Real Estate Exam, with answers and page references included for over 800 questions and answers.
The PSI exam has 80 national questions. So this national exam prep covers a lot of material and is very helpful.
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This package has Modern Real Estate Practice and Virginia Practice and Law.   Most recent versions.  These two books have extensive information with reading sections, table of contents, index and a very large number of practice exam questions.  All sections and practice exams and divided into categories based on what will be on the Virginia PSI exam. 
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