Coronavirus update:  Yes! You can still  take our online license course.  The course is completely online.  The proctored course exam (normally held in a library or our office)  has been modified to allow for a secure online exam taken on any internet connected computer.  We proctor the exam remotely.  We also still have exams at our Reston office with all safety precautions.  Either way, the instructor now provides a personal review of your course exam answers!


Yes, it is approved by the DPOR and the Virginia Real Estate Board.  It qualifies you to take the VA state license exam. Our school is based in Fairfax County, Virginia. We are not an out-of-state company like other online schools. Our instructor Paul Hartke is an active Virginia broker and available during and after the course for any questions.

 The course is completely online except for the final proctored exam. You log in and out as desired from home or work or anywhere with Internet access. The course is divided into short pages that you click through. There are periodic quizzes to reinforce what you read. Watch video demo of the course or if you’re near our Reston office, you can come in to meet the instructor who can show you a demo and details. The proctored final exam can be taken in our office or most any library.

$189 (limited time special) includes the online course, the course exam, free in-office books and our highly rated free personal exam review by licensed VA instructor and broker Paul Hartke (at our Fairfax County, VA office). Note: personal review by email if not in the Northern VA area.

The course is at your own pace. Most people take a 2-4 months due to family, work or other activity. However, some have completed the course within a week or two since it only requires a minum of 50 hours (equal to 60 hours classroom).  Some take longer. It is really up to your schedule.  But you need to finish all 31 units.

The Virginia Real Estate Board requires 50 hours online because it equals 60 hours in a classroom based on 10 minute breaks per hour in a classroom. This course qualifies for the DPOR 60 hour requirement.  You do not have to complete the online course within 50 hours, but spend at least 50 hours online. You do need to complete all 31 units.

Call or email us anytime and we will respond quickly (must leave a voicemail). Our number is 703-476-1747 or contact us online. Technical support is also available by phone and email.

Immediately after you sign up. An automated email will be sent also which reminds you how to login later.

See our Compare Us page. We are a Virginia-based school and specialize in Virginia, not a big corporation trying to handle 49 other states.  We have a low cost but quality $189 course.  Our instructor is a VA broker who provides all kinds of help for passing the license exam.  No other school has an instructor who reviews your course exam and personally provides information on questions you got wrong.  No other school has an instructor who created an Exam Prep Key Points of each subject covered on the license exam.   Our reviews speak for themselves.   Read our 5 star google reviews here.

Our instructor Paul Hartke is a broker in Northern Virginia. He is available to answer any content related question 7 days a week. You may use our contact form or email him at any time. He is very responsive and cares about your success! You may also call our office at 703-476-1747 if needed. Please leave a message if you get voicemail so that we can call you back.

You have 6 months to complete the course. You need to complete the units and spend the minimum 50 hours required time online. The 50 hours meets the 60 hour classroom requirement due to 10 minutes breaks per hour in a classroom. After you complete the online course, you take the course exam. We understand that many students have other obligations, and so allow up to 30 days beyond the 6-month expiration date for completion of the course exam. The proctored final exam may be taken at our Reston office or most any library near you in any state.

Our online course is very convenient, highly rated and time efficient. It is a great way to learn. There is no classroom requirement, no time spent commuting to a school location and no wasted time sitting around before class starts and during required classroom breaks. We are available to help with any question, have books available for free review at our office and provide a personal post-exam review at our office to help you learn the material and pass the PSI exam. Out online course is provided by Dearborn’s REcampus, the leading provider of online real estate courses & textbooks nationwide. You have access to the instructor by email or phone.

No. There are no books needed because the online course is designed to cover what you need to pass the PSI license exam. However, the basic textbook and the exam prep books are available for purchase or you may come in to our office to review them for free. Books are totally optional.

You sign up online with a credit card on a secure site and check out like any online purchase. You choose your user name and password.

The state requires a proctored (monitored) course exam which you may take at our Reston, Virginia office, or at a library or college proctoring center near you.
NEW!   We now offe
r online proctoring, which means we will monitor you via your webcam as you take the final closed-book exam.

We are not like other schools. If you pass OR don’t pass, we provide a personal review as noted below. This course exam review is a great exam prep, at no extra charge.

Yes.  However, there may be certain pages with interactive graphics that are best used with a laptop or desktop running the latest version of Flash. REcampus makes every attempt to make our websites and products mobile and tablet friendly. However, not all features are compatible with all tablets and phones.

  • We recommend the use of current Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers. We also support Internet Explorer 11 and Edge.
  • We recommend at least a 2MB internet connection.

After you pass the course exam, your information will be sent to PSI so you can schedule your official license exam at They charge $60 for the license exam plus $50 for fingerprinting and background check as required by the state.

If you fail, you will likely pass the second time after our instructor’s personalized review of your exam, plus his exclusive subject-by-subject review notes. There is no cost from us to retake the course exam. You can take the course exam up to four times. No other school allows this many retakes without paying to retake the course.

Our instructor (VA broker) will provide a personalized review based on the exam questions you got wrong. This is done in person in our Northern Virginia office or by email if not in the local area. This is a big advantage that no other school provides. We don’t just tell you if you pass or fail, we want you to learn.  Our goal is for you to pass the official licensing exam from PSI on your first try.  Check out our google reviews !

You are eligible to take the official licensing exam administered by The license exam by PSI is separate from the school. The license exam costs $60. There is also a required $50 fingerprinting done at the same time and place when you pass the PSI exam. After you pass the PSI exam, you may apply for your license with a broker of your choice.

Yes. You may request a full refund for any reason for one full week (7 days) after purchasing the course.

Yes. Paul Hartke is a licensed Virginia real estate instructor who is an active broker with National Realty in Reston, VA. Your instructor is available by email or phone or text during and after the course. He is also a licensed attorney and is happy to share his knowledge with students. He is generally available 7 days a week. Paul will answer any questions about the course content and provides his exclusive Exam Prep Key Points extra review material to all students who finish the course.

If you are not currently licensed as an active real estate licensee in any other state, you must take the pre-license course to qualify to take the PSI license exam. If you are actively licenced in another state, then you can normally qualify to take the Virginia portion of the PSI exam. See our reciprocity page for details on getting a license by reciprocity.

Our school name is Act Web Real Estate School, an approved school of the Virginia Real Estate Board. Act Web Real Estate School is listed on the VA Real Estate Board site under approved schools and under approved courses. Our websites are and The Licensing Section of the Virginia Real Estate Board: (804) 367-8526.

 Exclusive, free course exam review by a licensed instructor/broker, free Exam Prep Key Points package, top rated online software, DPOR-approved, and great customer service. Ask questions during or after your course and instructor will respond. Instructor is a licensed broker in VA and also a lawyer. You get a full review of your course exam so that you can pass the PSI exam. No other school provides this personal review at no extra cost. Read our reviews and see what others say. There is no better value license course to pass the PSI exam and get you started in your new real estate career.

No.  It does not matter where you live.  You will need to associate with and work under a Virginia real estate broker.  You do need to be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Possibly, yes, but it depends on the seriousness and circumstances.  You need to disclose any conviction of a misdemeanor within the last 5 years if it involves physical injury, moral turpitude, drug distribution or sexual offense. You have to disclose any felony conviction. The Real Estate Board can review your situation and make a final decision.  If you have questions about this, you may feel free to contact our instructor who has a legal background and has materials to assist in making a decision to pursue your license.

You will get an email right after you sign up so you can start immediately.  You can use your user name and password to log in anytime during the course.  The login link is available at