How to Get a Real Estate License by Reciprocity in VA, MD and DC

When you have a current real estate license in another state, then VA, MD and DC may allow you to get a license by reciprocity or out-of-state license approval

Getting a reciprocal license means you would not have to take a pre-license course.  You would only need to take the state portion of the license exam.  Click the link below to find reciprocity requirements and signup information.  

Real Estate Salesperson license by reciprocity

Virginia license by reciprocity

Maryland license by reciprocity

Washington, DC license by reciprocity

Brokers Only:
Real Estate Broker license by reciprocity

The requirements for a broker license by reciprocity in all states will require proof of an active out-of-state broker license. 

Virginia real estate broker license by reciprocity 
Note:  You will need proof of at least 180 hours of broker pre-license courses.

Maryland real estate broker license by reciprocity
Note:  You will need to provide an original certification of your active broker license. Maryland evaluates a required letter to allow you to take the exam.  For states other than PA and OK, you will apply by a waiver application which is similar to reciprocity. 

DC real estate broker license by reciprocity
Note:  DC requires a 3 hour Fair Housing course and a 3 hour Property Management course to take the exam and apply by reciprocity.  There are easier rules if you have an active license in VA or MD.  These are noted on the above page.

These pages have information on how to get a real estate license by reciprocity plus study materials and exam prep for the state portion of the real estate pre-license exam.  Questions?  Contact the state real estate commission/board or contact our instructor, Paul Hartke, who is a licensed broker in VA, MD and DC. and the principal broker of National Realty, licensed in all 3 jurisdictions.  He is a licensed Virginia real estate instructor but has knowledge of all 3 as he is also a Virginia lawyer.