License by Reciprocity in DC

Get a DC Real Estate License by Reciprocity

What are the requirements to get your real estate license by reciprocity in Washington, DC?   If you have an active real estate license in a state other than Washington, DC, you may be able to get a DC license by reciprocity or so-called endorsement application.

Virginia and Maryland applicants can get a license by reciprocity. You will need to pass the DC portion of the PSI exam.  To take that exam, you will need to bring with you to the exam a) your original out-of-state license certification, b) the 3 hour fair housing course completion certificate and c) your driver license or equivalent.   Applicants licensed in other states may be able to get a DC license by an endorsement application, which is very a similar to reciprocity.  But in addition to the above, you will also need proof of your pre-license 60 hours in your state.  (Brokers? 135 hours plus 2 years of sales experience preceding the application.)

Washington DC uses PSI  testing service for the license exam.  Their website has a link to the DC candidate handbook (pdf).  We have uploaded the PSI handbook for DC applicants here.  This page is a summary of the essential information. That has much of the information you need. But our summary has the main points to help you get the reciprocity license.  

How do you get a DC real estate license by reciprocity?
Here is a summary of steps.

1. Take the required 3 hour DC Fair Housing course and 3 hour Property Management Course.   These continuing education courses are approved for satisfying the course needed for license by reciprocity.  Sign up for both of the required courses.
3 hour Fair Housing course online
3 Hour Property Management course online
The Fair Housing and Property Management courses are required for reciprocal license.  
Take the original certificates of course completion to the PSI exam. 

2. Study for the DC portion of the official license exam.  You may take the online DC real estate exam prep course to study.   Sign up for the District of Columbia exam prep Portion Only.  There is a link on the DC Commission website that has the actual statute with laws and regulations.  You can use that, but it is very dry reading of DC laws in lawyer type language.  The exam prep is better.  Sign up for the online DC real estate exam prep course.  Select the DC portion only course. 

3.  You will need a certification of your license (to take to your PSI exam) for the original state where licensed. It must be an original and must be recent (within 90 days of application). 
Request Virginia certification of license here  – VA DPOR website. (Scroll to bottom of the linked page for certification request.)
Licensed in MD? Request Maryland certification of license.
Other states:  Check your state board or commission site to get the certification.
Note:  If not licensed in VA or MD, you will also need to provide original proof of 60 hours of your out-of-state pre-license education (Brokers need proof of at least 135 hours of broker pre-license education.)
Where is the application? Unlike VA and MD, there is no printable application.  You sign up for an account with PSI and be sure you have the required documents.
Take the out-of-state license certification with you to the PSI exam.

4. Schedule the DC portion of the exam with PSI at Here is a direct link to the test taker page to sign up. You will need to create an account and then sign up for the DC (“state portion”) of the PSI exam.  You can also call them to schedule 800-733-9267 but it takes a while to get an answer on the phone.  Note: PSI is located in Las Vegas.   You will need a copy of your current license to take the DC portion of the exam. Make sure you request only the DC portion of the exam and be sure it is for salesperson (or broker it that’s the case).

5. Apply for your DC license with the District of Columbia Real Estate Commission.  Apply here on the DC Real Estate Commission website. (Click Applicants section)  After passing the PSI exam, you can go to the DC Commission site and register for a new account.    After creating your account go to the login page at and fill out the form and pay the DC real estate license application fee.  Note:  A DC salesperson must sign up and work under a licensed DC broker.

This summary was prepared by Paul Hartke, a licensed broker in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC.   This is only a summary.  The full details can be found at  Paul Hartke and his brother Keith own National Realty based in Reston, VA with over 140 agents in VA, MD and DC.   
Paul is a licensed Virginia real estate instructor and a lawyer.   He is available to discuss your particular situation.  Contact Paul online here.

A DC real estate agent license requires you join a broker licensed in DC.
Need a broker licensed in VA, MD and DC?  Paul Hartke, Principal Broker, National Realty. Ofiice 703-860-4600 ext 55  Cell 703-675-5550. Agent Information:

Any other questions?  DC Real Estate Commission at 866-270-9817 or  Or contact Act Web Real Estate School or 703-476-1747

If you are NOT licensed in another state and wish to get a DC license, you will need to take the District of Columbia real estate pre-license course which can be taken with the online DC pre-license course here –