CASE STUDY – Studying and Passing the PSI Exam

A recent student of Act Web Real Estate school shared how she did it:

  • It took me about 3 months to complete the Virginia Real Estate Principles course. With juggling two 7-day-a-week jobs, volunteer activities, and local active grandchildren, it took a while, but I set a goal to complete by the end of August, and made it by the first week of September.
    • I began studying in earnest by going back through earlier chapters in the course. Some of the topics were complex for me, and rather than getting stuck, I had moved along, knowing that I could come back to them later.
    • I read through the instructor’s study notes emailed to me when I finished the course.
    • I made sure I had a printed copy of each unit’s Key Point Review and reviewed them on a plane trip I took for business.
  • Next, I began the Video Exam Prep. The last time I took a big exam was several decades ago, so my study skills were rusty and I knew I needed the extra help.  [Note: if you didn’t buy the bundle, you can purchase it here.]
    • To focus totally with uninterrupted time, I started rising at least an hour earlier than usual. I found a new place to sit in the house while studying, as my desk had too many distractions. Uninterrupted, focused time is what I needed. I often replayed video topics to listen to while I washed dishes, cooked a meal, and even while brushing my teeth. Repetition is important. It was very convenient that the videos played from my smartphone!
    • I recommend watching the short “Tips for Studying” video before you begin the National or Virginia Online Video Course. Be sure to also watch the  “Understanding Question Formats” video.
  • As I pushed into my final few days of study before my set goal for taking the course exam final and then the PSI exam, I began the Complete Virginia Real Estate Drill and Practice QBank. Again, I got up extra early, sat in my study place, and focused. [Note: if you didn’t buy it with a bundle, you can purchase it here.]
    • Open the Exam Prep Workbook PDF while reviewing the QBank questions. To begin, I used the QBank as a learning tool, checking answers as I went along and looking up any terms I had not mastered yet, either in the workbook pdf or on Google.
    • When I felt ready, I began testing myself with QBank in a closed-book format. When I consistently hit 80, 90, and 100% on topics, it was time to schedule my end-of-course exam with Act Web Real Estate School.
  • Feeling nervous but somewhat confident, I took the closed-book final course exam. I read through Instructor Paul Hartke’s study notes one last time before the exam.
    • I passed the course exam with 88% correct! I listened carefully to Paul’s review after he graded the test. Now I knew which topics to focus a bit more study on while waiting to schedule the PSI exam. [Note: this student was local to Reston. Students who are remote receive his review by emailed notes.]
  • When I received the email from, I set my date for as soon as possible. I knew I needed to do it while the information was fresh and I was feeling 90% confident.
  • I passed! Onward to another career!

From Act Web Real Estate School
Everyone studies differently, and not everyone needs all of the online exam prep that our school offers. The entire package including instructor Paul Hartke’s study notes and review helped this 65-year-old student feel confident and pass the PSI exam on her first time.