Fingerprinting required for Real Estate License

All real estate students must obtain fingerprints for the criminal background check after passing the PSI exam.  It must be all 10 fingers (not 1 as sometimes is required for admission for the test).   Fingerprints must be taken within 45 days or less from the date that you apply for your license, so this is why we recommend waiting until you have passed the PSI exam.  

When and where do I get fingerprints?

PSI Testing Centers – Most PSI testing centers provide fingerprinting at the time of taking the PSI exam or after on a walk-in basis weekdays. The cost is $52. See for more.  Note:  Some test centers do not provide fingerprinting. (recommended)– The Real Estate Board has authorized Fieldprint to do your fingerprints.They have many locations in Virginia.  Virginia. The cost is $37.50.   To schedule an appointment:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the “Schedule an Appointment” button and sign up as a New User.
  3. Enter this Fieldprint Code: FPDPORRES (This is the Virginia real estate code)
  4. Enter required information and print the Confirmation Page.
    1. Note: When asked for the address and name of the employer or processing agency that sent you — write in DPOR, Richmond, VA.
  5. Take the Confirmation Page to your appointment AND two (2) forms of identification. Primary ID (usually driver’s license) must show birth date.  Secondary ID also required, which may be credit card, utility bill, etc.

Note from Act Web Real Estate School Instructor Paul Hartke:
DPOR typically gets fingerprint results around 3 weeks or so to be processed.  Due to some reports of problems and delays with fingerprinting by PSI, I now recommend Fieldprint, which has a good reputation with DPOR. has a large number of locations for appointments.  However, if fingerprinting for the background check is offered at the location where you take the PSI exam, you may prefer to just get it done there. Either choice is fine.

If you have any questions, see the websites at or

Paul Hartke, Instructor, Act Web Real Estate School

* Fieldprint has more than 1,200 fingerprinting locations in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands Applicants simply enter their city/state/zip code when registering for fingerprinting and may choose the nearest Fieldprint service location.