Virginia Broker License

How to get a Real Estate Broker License in Virginia.   

 There are two classes of real estate licenses in Virginia:  salesperson and broker.  Salespersons, commonly referred to as real estate agents, work under the authority of a broker or brokerage company.

Brokers generally need 3 years experience as an active agent and also take 180 hours of  Virginia broker license courses and then take the broker exam by  Virginia also has a requirement that one has 36 out of the most recent 48 months of experience.  That requirement can be signed by your current broker or other.  A broker can work as a principal broker of a company or individually.  A broker can also work as an associate broker under a principal broker.

Note:  If you are applying for a VA Broker license by reciprocity, you may select any or all of the 45 hour courses as needed. However, you must select the mandatory course entitled “Brokerage”.


The more detailed requirements are listed below and on the Real Estate Board DPOR website.    We have the approved Virginia Broker Pre-License Courses, also called VA Broker License Courses. There is a 180 package with all the courses as needed for a an upgrade from saleseperson to broker (after the 36 of 48 months experience). Includes unlimited practice exams.

1.  You must take a total of 4 (four) 45 hour courses totaling 180 hours including the following:
2.  The mandatory courses include:  Brokerage, Real Estate Law, Real Estate Finance and  Real Estate Appraisal.   
3.  Our online broker license course is approved by DPOR at a low package course cost.

View details and sign up for the 180 hour VA Broker License Course Package  Check for the promo code to get a discount on this online course.  See all 4 courses and sign up here.

Licensed in another state?

Virginia Real Estate Broker License by Reciprocity

For a real estate brokers by reciprocity, you may qualify to take the PSI broker exam in Virginia if you have met the qualified 180 pre-license broker hours in your state and meet other general requirements.

We also have the individual 45 hour courses, which are often needed for a Virginia broker license by reciprocity.   Scroll further down the page of the link above to see the 4 choices.   But check below first to be sure you take the required courses.

If you are trying to get a broker license by reciprocity and you need additional broker pre-license course hours (i.e, you did not take 180 hours of broker pre-license in your state),  then you may select individual 45 hour courses by scrolling to the bottom of the broker license course page to find those courses.  It should not require those additional hours be one of the mandatory courses, but it is certainly better to double check with the VA Board if you want to take a course other than the four mandatory courses listed above.

Course completion is submitted the the Virginia Real Estate Board at DPOR. For those upgrading from Virginia salesperson to broker, it usually requires the PSI broker exam, national and state portions . For those applying as broker by reciprocity, it usually requires only the Virginia state portion of the PSI broker exam in addition to any extra required hours based on your state and proof of hours required for your pre-license education. Questions, contact us