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Although was founded in 2003, we first requested reviews in 2012 that were automatically added to our website.  But we later decided that google reviews were more reliable since some companies might handpick their reviews.   The most recent reviews are on google.

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The reviews below are earlier than the more recent reviews on google.   They are real and legit and from students who took our course and got our instructor’s help.  As noted below, almost every student had great reviews about our Virginia real estate pre-license course.  They show how happy our students were about taking our course.  All of them gave 5 stars and we have removed them here so the page loads faster.

Passed both exams the first time.  The course material covered everything tested and I felt really well prepared. 
Erik L., Blacksburg, VA  10/18/2018
I had a great experience taking this class. Paul is available throughout the course, and his one-on-one review of the course exam is extremely helpful. He genuinely cares about the success of his students.
Thomas F, Midlothian, VA  8/8/2018
The Online Course itself was very properly organized, well formatted and very informative. Taking the course exam and getting notes from Paul was instrumental in me passing the exam first try.
Julius Phu, Woodbridge, VA  1/4/2018
Very user-friendly, informative, and comprehensive course. The instructor Paul was always available when I had questions and his exam review was very helpful and thorough. I highly recommend this school!
 Silke K., Tysons Corner, VA 10/21/2017
I took my real estate licensing exam at PSI last Friday and I passed on the first go. I found your course very helpful and the review that I got with Paul Hartke when I came in to take my test was also very helpful. Many thanks for all your help.  Deirdre McNulty, Washington D.C., 2/21/2017
The online Act Web Real Estate School course was challenging and comprehensive – exactly what is needed to fully prepare any candidate to pass the VA state and national PSI exams.  The benefit of completing it online is to pace yourself, knowing that you are able to review any of the course material at anytime.  The course is still available to the student after completion (up to one year), in order to study for the proctored course exam, and then the PSI.  Additionally, Paul Hartke, the school’s real estate instructor, spends time to go over the required course exam with the student upon completion.  I highly recommend this course to anyone with the aspiration to become a VA Real Estate Salesperson. 
Kathryn H.,  Ashburn, VA 2/12/2017

Everyone told me that taking an online course would be very challenging. I must say, I am truly satisfied with my decision to enroll with Act Web Real Estate School. The material was easy to understand and most importantly I was able to complete the course at my own pace. Even after I completed and passed the course, I was still able to log in and review the course in preparation of my PSI exam. I definitely would recommend Act Web Real Estate School for anyone in search of a real estate class
Ben A, Alexandria, VA 8/19/2016

Truly an exceptional experience. From the professionalism to the sheer willingness to help you succeed, I would recommend this class to anyone serious about starting a career in real estate.On line course also very user friendly. 10/10
Adrian Acosta, Alexandria, VA 2/24/2016

The personal touch Act Web Real Estate School provides, to me is the single most beneficial resource that could be offered.  Any time I had an issue or question, it was addressed.  When faced with a problem, the school fixed it no questions asked and provided a good path forward to accomplish the course.  On top of the personal touch, the insight and knowledge was phenomenal.  There simply was not a question I had that wasn’t answered, and explained in simple terms that was easy to remember and comprehend.  I cannot recommend this school enough.  My wife will be completing her course through this school as well.
Rory Virostko, Springfield, VA 2/12/2016
What a great experience this has been. It took me about 5 weeks to finish the course, at a very slow pace (and it was my first experience in doing this in a foreign language). The course material is very clear to understand and you actually learn stuff! Ha. The exam in the school is not easy, and I agree with Keith, that exam is harder than the real one at PSI, so it’s very warm up. The review of the exam with Paul is a MUST MUST, also the final notes that he gives you (after the review of the exam) are very very helpful. And yesterday I passed the VA Salesperson at PSI!!! YAY
J. Benitez, Alexandria, VA  2/11/2016
Very professional one-on-one attention from the owners of the company. Paul and Keith were extremely gracious in reviewing our licensee exams thoroughly and expeditiously. The review afterwards was also very insightful. Their facility is clean and well-kept. Erika in the front greets you with a warm smile. Both gentlemen are very open and upfront with their intentions. I felt I could trust them instantly.
Thomas Co 1/14/2016
I really appreciate for this real estate online program which Has been very helpful for understanding with easy and reviewing the result of each unit test
Une S Lee 7/15/2015
The online course was great – the information was very straightforward and the material covered is relevant to the exam. The post-course review with Paul is a MUST — I believe the review, along with paul’s notes for the exam really helped me pass. Paul responded to my questions in a very timely and courteous manner. I highly recommend this course!
Gina 1/5/2015
I am currently registered and studying. Online studying requires focus, organization and discipline. I first started by simply reading and not really being focused which made it seems like the classes were hard. I pressed paused, ordered  books,  a dictionary, a notebook and my flashcards. It’s much easier now. I like the little tests at the end of each segments. I also like the fact that I can go back to previous Units. I am only at Unit 4 but I feel extremely confident.
Surzine Nguiah 1/15/2015
The course was very user friendly and interactive.The format of the on-line course was fantastic and tutorials were very helpful. Pauls tips on the Va State exam were excellent. Thanks Paul and Connie!
Linda 6/13/2014
I had a great time using the online course. I actually just moved here from Hawaii so the class being online allowed me to start studying when I was in Hawaii, by the time I was in va I was ready to take my exams. The instructors are great they replied to my emails quickly. If you have a question you can call them anytime. They even helped me after regular business hourse.
Jaber 11/13/2013
Act Web Real Estate School was very helpful and accurate with the information needed to pass the PSI exam. Paul was readily available to answer any questions that I had and responded to my emails within a day. I was very pleased that the course offered short quizzes at the end of each section and Unit Tests at the end of each Unit to test my comprehension. Thank you for your excellent service.
Gwen F – Washington, DC 8/20/2013
I give five stars to the online course. It has a deep and compressive coverage. I did not use any books and just studied the materials online. I passed the VA state exam within two months (part time study because I have a full time job). There are totally 130 questions in the exam. Only one question I cannot remember I have ever seen any related topic in the class and only about four or five I was not definitely sure about the answer.
Mike F, VA 1/26/2013
The staff are very helpful and answered all of my questions.
Margie P. 6/28/2012
I am very pleased with the courses I took. Your staff uploaded my course completion certificate to the DPOR and they renewed my license in less than 48 hours. FANTASTIC ! !Thank you for your excellent service. I will pass this along to my agents
Gene Sampson 6/28/2012
I found the Act Web Real Estate School to be a very professional and effective platform for completing the VA real estate licensure course requirements. The forced completion of readings, 100% score on quizzes, and review activities assures that the user will not fly through the important material. I highly recommend this online course if you are working a full time job or can’t make an in-person class for various reasons. You can work at your own pace and the review of the final exam with Mr. Hartke is extremely valuable!
Elissa Olechnovich 6/20/2012
Before I registered for the Act Web Real Estate Post Licensing Education On-line course I was actually signed up with one of your competitor’s. I was very frustrated with their formatting of the materials and their information was very VERY wordy, which of course made it more tedious and boring. I liked your formatting of the information and it was more straight forward, and I really enjoyed the Interactive Exercises. Those I found very fun. I like the way each topic is divided into a Reading Assignment, Interactive Exercises, Reading Exam, then the Unit Exam.
Cheryl Gorrell 5/15/2012