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You should compare schools in order to be sure you can get the best Virginia real estate pre-license course at a low cost.   You should also know that you have the support of a knowledgeable instructor who is available to help you pass the license exam and get your license.  Here are a few differences that show why Act Web Real Estate School gets all those 5 star reviews on google.

Based in Virginia

Other Schools
Based Out-of-State

Based in Virginia– Family owned. Headquarters in Fairfax County, VA.  Owner is an active Virginia broker instructor, lawyer. Low cost.

Out-of-state– Corporation with headquarters not in Virginia.  More generic content. Less personalized. Higher overall cost.

Instructor is Broker, Owner– Contact Paul, our Virginia broker / attorney by email, phone and text 24/7 w/ weekends. Very helpful.

Hired instructor – Usually a salaried contractor who might be available by email or only on weekdays. Complaints are common.

5 Star Google Reviews – Real people with honest reviews recommend our school.  We have a direct link to our unfiltered google reviews and 5 star ratings. 

No google reviews?  Some schools may publish select reviews based on their own star system.  They typically do not show a link to actual google reviews.

Higher VA Pass Rate – Our PSI pass rate is higher than the average of all schools in Virginia and nearly every school. (Some schools have only a few students who complete their course.) We help students pass.

School claim high pass rates for the few that complete their course- Many have very hard courses and allow 1-2 times to pass their course exam. Their pass rates may be the few who complete the course and usually their national stats, not Virginia.

Course Exam Review – Instructor provides free reviews your exam and gives personalized feedback based on your answers.  No other school provides a review of your course exam.

No course exam review – You pass or fail, period.  Course exam failure may require taking the whole course over.  And you do not get any feedback or review of your course exam. 

Free Course Exam Retakes – You have up to 4 times to pass the course exam.  Our instructor always provides a personal review of your answers, which helps you pass the course exam on your 2nd try. It is not a pass or start over.

Limited or retake course if course exam failed – You get maybe 1-2 times to retake a course exam at extra cost.  No personal exam review.  Likely have to retake the course and pay more.

 Course includes everything – Our course has everything you need to pass the PSI license exam.  Course and exam review plus our exclusive Exam Prep Super Summary package, all at one low cost.  Our school owner is the instructor and broker, so we don’t have overhead and don’t charge the higher prices.

Course has higher costs- You are charged more for fancy name “extras” that should be included in the cost of our course. National companies have overhead and employees, so your total final course cost is usually much higher.

VaRealtySchool helps you pass the course and the license exam.

* Only VaRealtySchool has the highest google ratings (5 stars) and best reviews.
* Only VaRealtySchool provides a “personal review” of your course exam.  
* Only VaRealtySchool provides Exam Prep Key Points on each license exam subject.
* Only VaRealtySchool has a Virgina broker instructor who is also an active broker, attorney, and the school owner. 

NOTE:  Only our school has an instructor who provides an in-person exam review and tutor session for students from OTHER schools who have failed the PSI exam.  No other school has any such exam prep tutor session. With no other school offering tutoring, our instructor decided to help everyone regardless of what school you attended. When you sign up for our course, you get included in our $229 price while others have to pay extra.

VaRealtySchool has what you need to pass the licensing exam and get your Virginia real estate license.   
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Act Web Real Estate School has the best Virginia online school real estate course.

Based on our Virginia-based school vs alternatives that are out-of-state schools, Act Web Real Estate School provides the best online course for how to get your Virginia real estate license.  The school has its headquarters in Virginia with the recommended online software and a personal Virginia broker instructor plus all the superb 5 star google reviews.  Compare our online school to any other and you will find that is better than any other school you may find.  The course is reduced to $229 from our original higher price in order to help you get the lowest cost possible.  We may cost less, but we are consistently rated the best real estate school in Virginia.  Get your real estate license in Virginia with Act Web Real Estate School.