Virginia real estate license requirements

Here is the super short summary of the basic requirements to obtain your real estate license in Virginia.
• You must be at least 18 years old with high school diploma or equivalent. 
• You must complete and pass an approved pre-license course.
• You must then pass the salesperson license exam administered by PSI Exams.
• After you pass the PSI exam, you would interview with a broker of your choice and submit your license application with the broker to the Real Estate Board.   
• You will then get your VA real estate license and you are ready to practice real estate in Virginia as a salesperson working under the supervision of your broker.

This is a basic summary.  Note you do not have to be a Virginia resident.  You do not need to live in Virginia to get your real estate license.  You do have to work under a broker.  If you have any questions, let us know.

 So, the first step to take would be to register for our online course.  It has reading sections, unit exams (practice exams) for each subject in the national and Virginia state parts, plus each subject has a summary page.  We have a state-required course exam that is the only part of the course that must be proctored, meaning taken in person.  This can be done at a library near you or with our instructor at his office in Reston, VA.  The instructor provides a review plus his popular PastFass Review pages.  You then sign up with a broker of your choice to get your license.  Great!  You are ready to be a Virginia real estate agent.

If you have questions on requirements, you may contact us.   Paul Hartke, our licensed instructor, is also a broker (VA, MD and DC) and a Virginia lawyer.  You may also view the detailed requirements for licensure that are included in the Real Estate Board regulations on the DPOR website.

The regulations are stated below. Our instructor has highlighted certain words or phrases and added notes to better explain.

The following is the full statute with the requirements to become a real estate agent in Virginia.  

Qualifications for Licensure.  18 VAC 135-20-30
Every applicant to the Real Estate Board for an individual salesperson’s or broker’s license shall have the following qualifications:
1. The applicant shall have a good reputation for honesty, truthfulness, and fair dealing, and be competent to transact the business of a real estate broker or a real estate salesperson in such a manner as to safeguard the interests of the public.
2. The applicant shall meet the current educational requirements by achieving a passing grade in all required courses of § 54.1-2105 of the Code of Virginia prior to the time the applicant sits for the licensing examination and applies for licensure.
3. The applicant shall be in good standing as a licensed real estate broker or salesperson in every jurisdiction where licensed and the applicant shall not have had a license as a real estate broker or real estate salesperson which was suspended, revoked or surrendered in connection with a disciplinary action or which has been the subject of discipline in any jurisdiction prior to applying for licensure in Virginia. The applicant shall be in compliance with all the terms of all board orders, including but not limited to paying imposed monetary penalties and costs, plus any accrued interest and other fees, and completing imposed education.
4. In accordance with § 54.1-204 of the Code of Virginia, each applicant shall submit to fingerprinting and shall disclose the following information:
a. All misdemeanor convictions involving moral turpitude, sexual offense, drug distribution or physical injury within five years of the date of the application; and 
b. All felony convictions during his lifetime.  Any plea of nolo contendere shall be considered a conviction for purposes of this subsection. The record of a conviction received from a court shall be accepted as prima facie evidence of a conviction or finding of guilt.  The board, in its discretion, may deny licensure to any applicant in accordance with § 54.1-204 of the Code of Virginia.
IInstructor’s Note:  On the license application, you must disclose certain types of misdemeanors within the past five years.  Convictions might disqualify you, but you can explain and still qualify to get your license. The Real Estate Board makes the decision based on your explanation.  Contact our instructor with any questions about any past criminal convictions.
5. The applicant shall be at least 18 years old.
6. The applicant shall have a high school diploma or its equivalent.
7. The applicant, within 12 months prior to submitting a complete application for a license, shall have passed a written examination provided by the board or by a testing service acting on behalf of the board. Instructor’s Note: PSI is the company that provides the official license exam. This is separate from any pre-license course. Their website is
8. The applicant shall follow all procedures established with regard to conduct at the examination. Failure to comply with all procedures established with regard to conduct at the examination may be grounds for denial of application.
9. Applicants for licensure who do not meet the requirements set forth in subdivisions 3 and 4 of this section may be approved for licensure following consideration by the board.
Statutory Authority § 54.1-201 and 54.1-2105 of the Code of Virginia.

Ok, so the basics are completing the online course, passing the course exam and then taking the PSI exam. After you pass PSI, you can sign up with a broker to get your license. If you have any basic questions on your qualifications, please contact us. If needed, you may wish to speak with Paul, our state-approved pre-license instructor, who is also a licensed Virginia real estate broker. He can discuss any question or other concerns. If there is any question, he will likely recommend you to contact the Board for confirmation based on your situation.  You can reach the Virginia Real Estate Board at 804-367-8526.

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