Exam Prep In-Person

Virginia Real Estate – Live In-Person Exam Prep

This is a one-on-one exam prep with a Virginia broker who is also a licensed instructor.  Some call it a personal tutoring session to help you pass the national and state portions of the Virginia PSI real estate exam.  To schedule please call (703) 476-1747 or contact us online for the VA real estate exam prep practice test.

Exam Prep Location, Instructor and Cost:  
Act Web Real Estate School
Office: 11890 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston, VA
This is in Fairfax County in Northern VA.
(703) 476-1747
Licensed Virginia Instructor:  By Paul Hartke
Paul is also an active Principal Broker with National Realty in Reston, and a Virginia attorney
Cost:  $150 flat fee
NOTE: This in-person “exam prep” is included at no extra cost for those who have taken our online pre-license course.

Who should take the live one-on-one exam prep?
* You were in a different school and have not yet taken the PSI exam. OR
* You were in a different school and failed the national or/or state portion of the Virginia PSI exam.  OR
* You are getting a VA license by reciprocity and need to take only the Virginia portion of the license exam by PSI.
* You are attempting to pass the salesperson exam. This service is not for the broker exam.

Details of what is how the exam prep session works:

1. Take a live practice exam and then get a live review of your answers.  100 questions, multiple choice, national and state.
Paul will review ALL the questions with you individually so that you know what you got right and wrong and why.This is for anyone BEFORE or AFTER taking the PSI exam.
Pass the PSI exam by getting this great short exam prep session.

2. The instructor’s own “Pass the Exam” notes. Paul created easy-to-read summary of what he believes covers the information you need to pass each topic on the PSI exam. He has condensed the information to 1-2 pages for each topic on both the National and State portions of the exam. These have proven to be very popular.

3. If you failed the PSI exam once or more, Paul will review the summary in advance and provide additional tips.  If you took the PSI Exam and did not pass, PSI will provide you with a summary of how many questions you got right and wrong for each topic in both national and state. Submit your results to our instructor Paul so he can customize his review for your situation.

4. Paul will answer any questions you have on national and state topics. As a Virginia instructor, broker and lawyer, you get all the advice you need.

What days and times are available?  Due to other obligations, Paul is only available on weekdays mornings.  We open at 9 a.m. so it is best to come shortly after we open to allow enough time for your exam preparation.

How long will this session take? It depends on your situation. It is typically 1-2 hours.

Office location: 11890 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston, VA 20191   This is also the office of National Realty, the real estate company where Paul works as principal broker.  Contact us online to schedule or request more info or call (703) 476-1747