License by Reciprocity in VA

How to get a Virginia real estate license by reciprocity

How to become a real estate agent if you have an active license in a different state.  If you are licensed in another state (an active license), you can usually apply for a Virginia license by reciprocity. Here is our “super quick” summary of how to get a VA license by reciprocity (subject to other basic requirements)

Requirements for VA license by reciprocity: 
* You must have an “active” real estate license in your other state. 
* You must have completed at least 60 hours of pre-license course. 
You will need license certification and 60 hour minimum pre-license hours when submitting your application to the VA Real Estate Board.  License certification may show your pre-license hours or you may need to contact your original school.
 You can check with our instructor who is also a Virginia broker in VA, MD and DC to ask about your particular situation.

Steps to get your Virginia License by Reciprocity.

1.  Register for the PSI exam Virginia portion only
This is the registration form you need (pdf).  This form is also on the psi website.
PSI application to take the Viginia portion license exam (pdf)
Note: Fill out that form.   Leave #12 blank since a school code is only for those who took a Virginia school code.
Fax to PSI (or mail it)  with a copy of your active out-of-state license.
PSI fax number is 702-932-2666.  They don’t accept online or email. 
PSI emails approval.  Then you can schedule your VA portion of the state PSI exam.
Be sure to click the reciprocity box.  

2.  Study for the Virginia portion of the real estate exam.  
How to study for the Virginia portion of the PSI exam.
Option 1.  Online VA real estate exam prep:  Select the Virginia portion.  This includes a very large number of practice exam questions and answers.  No reading sections or index.  But it has a rating to say whether you are ready for the exam based on your practice exam answers.  $49
Option2.  Virginia exam prep books:  We suggest the Virginia Law and Practice book.  You can order it online or pick it up at our office in Reston, VA.  This book has table of contents, chapters, index and lots of practice exam questions.  There is also an exam prep book that has only practice exam questions but also may be helpful.  About $30 for Law and Practice.  About $24 for Q&A Exam Prep book.
Option 3.  Live In-person exam prep:  (Very popular)  If you live in Northern Virginia (or you can travel to our Reston office), you may consider a $100 morning session one-on-one with our instructor (active Virginia broker) who provides a Virginia specific practice exam, a personal exam review, a discussion f key points and he gives you his own “PSI Exam Secrets”, a pdf summary of the subjects you have on the Virginia portion of the PSI exam.  $100.
About the VA portion of the PSI exam: You need to get 30 out of 40 Virginia questions correct.  That is 75%.  You have 45 minutes to complete the exam.  It is taken on a computer at the test site.  Be on time and bring your ID.

3.  Take and pass the Virginia state portion of the PSI exam.  After you have mailed or faxed in your exam registration, you will get an email authorizing you to take the VA portion of the PSI exam.  The exam is $60.  They also require $50 for fingerprinting at the same exam site.  Schedule at a location on the website.  PSI has sites in major cities in Virginia- Northern VA (Vienna/Tysons Corner), Richmond, Virginia Beach, Charlottesville, Roanoke.  You need 75% to pass. Locations are listed on the website.

How to apply for your VA real estate license

1. After you pass the Virginia portion of the PSI exam, PSI will send your information to the VA Real Estate Board at DPOR. 
You need to fill out the License Application with a licensed Virginia broker. 

2.  You will need to include an original certification of your current active out-of-state license from your state.  You will need this to submit it along with your license application.  It needs to be dated within 45 days of your license application.  This is needed for your license application with DPOR.

3.  Proof of pre-license education 60 hours.  You might need original or certified proof of the completion of 60 hours of real estate education (180 hours for brokers) similar to the education requirements in Virginia.   Many states (such as Maryland for example) include the proof of education and number of hours on the license certification.  In that case, you’re ok and likely don’t need anything to prove your 60 hours of pre-license education.  Otherwise, the Board may require you to provide original proof of your 60 hours of pre-license education from your original school.

4.  Your broker sends in your license application.  It may take a few weeks to get your license since the fingerprinting process takes about 3 weeks lately.  

Of course the above is the quick summary list. If needed,  you may want to look at the some more details on the technical requirements as they state on the DPOR website. Yes, you can also see the DPOR site for regulations for full details. Or get in touch with us on our contact form or 703-476-1747. OR contact the RE Board at 804-367-8526.

Virginia License by Reciprocity Requirements

  • Currently licensed in another state in good standing
    Submit the PSI exam registration form by fax (or mail).
    The form and full instructions are at
  • Take the Virginia portion of the PSI exam. Locations on their website.After you pass the Va portion of the PSI exam, you will need to have these to submit your license application.·
  • Provide proof of education substantially equivalent to the Virginia requirements (60 hour pre-license course). You will need an original or certified transcript or certificate of course completion. However, as noted, many states (such as Maryland) include this on the license certification.· 
  • Provide certificate of licensure or letter of good standing from each state where licensed dated within the last 45 days of your application. It must show license number, date of licensure, expiration date, how obtained (exam vs reciprocity) and any disciplinary matters.
  • Meet all the other requirements such as 18 years old, high school or GED, criminal background disclosure, etc. ·

*****BROKERS ONLY: See additional requirements for Virginia broker license by reciprocity. Contact us or see the full regulations regarding reciprocity for a Virginia license for details.*****

This is a summary. Our instructor always advises anyone applying by reciprocity to contact the Virginia Real Estate Board to confirm your situation and any details regarding your particular situation.
The  Real Estate Board can be contacted at 804-367-8526.  To prepare for the exam, please see the materials and information above or on our exam prep page.

There are books and an online exam prep. Some books are in stock in our office. And our instructor does have a live exam prep if you are near Reston, VA.  Any questions, let us know online or call us at 703-476-1747. Paul, our instructor, also has some great notes to help you pass the Virginia portion of the PSI exam. Our instructor, Paul Hartke is the principal broker and co-owner of National Realty, a Virginia real estate company in Northern Virginia and licensed in VA, MD and DC.

If you would like to discuss working with National Realty, contact Paul at (703) 860-4600 ext 411 or visit Paul practiced as a lawyer starting in 1981 prior to full time real estate career in 1995. His company currently has over 100 agents and is actively seeking additional agents. His knowledge of real estate laws and marketing strategies have helped many potential and current agents to advance their real estate careers. Paul’s wife, Constance, runs the administrative portion of the real estate school.Note: Salespersons must work under a broker. Brokers can work under a broker (associate broker) or apply as a principal broker.You likely do NOT need to take a course unless you prefer that to the exam prep materials on our website. Paul, our instructor, also has exam prep books in our Reston office, plus his own VA exam prep “Pass the Exam” tips and VA legal summary.Note: If you are already licensed in Virginia and looking to get a Washington DC license by reciprocity or Maryland license by reciprocity, check our real estate license by reciprocity pages.