Coronavirus Update

Course update:  Yes! You can still  take our online license course.  The course is completely online. 

Course Exam Update:  A proctored exam is required by the Real Estate Board.  Normally this is done in a library or our Reston office.  NEW for all students, starting April 2020! The course exam can now be taken on any internet connected computer with a webcam.  We then proctor the exam remotely. The instructor now provides a personalized review of your course exam answers!  This is exclusive to our school and is very  popular!  Course exams in our office, still an option, includes all CDC recommended Covid-19 precautions including social distancing for the instructor’s personal exam review.

PSI Exam Schedule Update:   The PSI website has a link to search for specific available exam dates . After completing our course, you should receive the link with current available dates.  You may also contact PSI at 800-733-9267.   You cannot select a date until a couple days after passing our course exam. Note:  PSI exam locations include Richmond, Charlottesville, Roanoke, Virginia Beach and Vienna.  They also have Virginia exams in Johnson City, TN and Salisbury, MD.

Test CenterAvailable DateStart Time
VIENNA, Virginia6/15/20209:00 AM
VIENNA, Virginia6/15/20201:30 PM
ROANOKE (BERNARD DR), Virginia6/15/20209:00 AM
ROANOKE (BERNARD DR), Virginia6/15/20201:30 PM
VIENNA, Virginia6/16/20209:00 AM
VIENNA, Virginia6/16/20201:30 PM
CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia6/16/20209:00 AM
CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia6/16/20201:00 PM
ROANOKE (BERNARD DR), Virginia6/16/20209:00 AM
ROANOKE (BERNARD DR), Virginia6/16/20201:30 PM
RICHMOND, Virginia6/16/20209:00 AM
RICHMOND, Virginia6/16/20201:00 PM
VIENNA, Virginia6/17/20209:00 AM
VIENNA, Virginia6/17/20201:30 PM
ROANOKE (BERNARD DR), Virginia6/17/20209:00 AM
ROANOKE (BERNARD DR), Virginia6/17/20201:30 PM
RICHMOND, Virginia6/17/20209:00 AM
RICHMOND, Virginia6/17/20201:00 PM
CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia6/17/20209:00 AM
VIRGINIA BEACH (VIKING DR), Virginia6/17/20209:00 AM

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